Gail Kasper 50-minute Keynote Speeches have broken attendance records. Keynote Speeches may be 20- to 50-MINUTE and may be focused on Motivation/Achievement, Sales (Prospecting or Process), or Progressive Leadership.
THE NEW SALES: How to Eliminate the Competition: Are you moving into the digital era as quickly as you should? Have you and your sales department taken action to increase your social media presence, both with written and video content? This 50-minute keynote will share the essential difference in today's sales process, how it's changed, and what you need to do to get current and sell more! It will teach you how to increase your client connection and eliminate the competition.

Motivation/Achievement: Gail Kasper left her dream of becoming a television personality behind, only to find it 15 years later. Hear how she created doorways where ones didn’t exist and how she reached an extraordinary level of success despite the nay-sayers and extraordinary obstacles. Gail will inspire your team to believe ANYTHING is possible.

Sales: Whether you want your team to develop the courage to increase Prospecting Activities – cold calling, asking for referrals, building alliances or speaking to associations – or you would like to refine the Sales Process including building rapport, uncovering needs, presenting powerful solutions, or closing and negotiation, Gail will provide the credibility and easy processes that will open the minds of your sales team to try new techniques, and then give them the courage to take action to increase revenues and results.

Progressive Leadership: Gail shares her story from being a traditional manager to becoming a Progressive Leader, through continual development and multiple training programs. Filled with stories, this Keynote Speech will leave your Managers with an action plan to become a stronger example and open the door to brilliance and ideas from their teams.


Professional Speaking Demo
Gail's speaking demo provides an overview of her many speaking engagements and topics.



Customized Speech Designed By Gail To Sell 2000 Attendees
Gail Kasper was hired by Match Eyewear to sell their brand. She had 6 minutes to make her points and encourage attendees to visit the Match Eyewear team at the conference. Match exceeded their sales goals that year!



Client Comments About Gail And Her Works...


"You communicated with a passion and professionalism that sparked genuine personal reflection for our group.  Your visit was a real boost   to our team building process....having you share your philosophies in person added an invaluable spark that will create real long-term changes in our people."

–Richard Dyer, President, NBC5 Cincinnati. 


"The insight you have provided on our players has been a value to our team and helped me increase their level of performance."

–Jacques Demers, former NHL Stanley Cup Coach


“We asked our sales reps to rate Gail's presentation and 100% rated her at the top of the scale!”

–Audrey Pavia, Vice President of Marketing, Tura Eyewear


“I have heard many motivational speakers, but none as life changing and inspirational as Gail.”

–Susanne Somers, Tura Eyewear


“Unbelievable, Fantastic, Uplifting were just a few of the comments that I heard after your extremely motivating presentation to our Sales Managers here in Atlanta.  Thank you so much for being a part of our Annual Sales Managers Meeting.  You were the perfect ending to a great meeting and it is difficult to find the words to express how you made everyone feel.  Your enthusiasm and passion for life was apparent when you addressed our group.  Our Sales Managers have sent me letters, notes, and e-mails about the meeting and they have all referenced what a difference you make in how they will approach their jobs as well as their lives.  Thanks again for an outstanding performance.  You were right on the mark and accomplished everything we needed.”

–Jane Williams, Vice-President of Sales, COX Television


"I really loved the program.  Gail is a great speaker and really makes you feel comfortable - like you are talking to a friend."

–Jennifer Raffle, Comcast-Spectacor


"You are an intelligent, forceful speaker - you had a roomful of people really thinking about how they could unleash the powers within each of them. The feedback was immediate and extremely positive."

–John McDonagh, President Operation Homefront, Seattle, Washington


"I am normally skeptical of motivational speakers but I was quite fortunate to hear Gail speak at the Rapid Response User Group sessions. Her insight into the security industry was eye opening. Gail presented countless ideas on growing our business in a down economy. I feel that the presentation was a tipping point for our company and we are implementing her strategies presently."

–John Gillis, Owner, JRG Security


"The strategies that you gave will help me motivate and build a successful team."

–Marjorie, Sun National Bank


“Gail, you are a wealth of information. The presentation was excellent.” - Mike Ross, Manager, "Thank you for a powerful and stimulating seminar your talk was enthusiastic and terrific."

–M. Brooks, HR Supervisor, United Parcel Service (UPS)


"As the keynote speaker at our recent American Cancer Society event, Gail exceeded our expectations - her words connected with over 300 volunteers representing such businesses as Masterfoods, Merck, and Schering Plough.  She has a way of communicating practical strategies and skills that can be immediately applied.  The number of positive responses at our event was overwhelming! You absolutely walk away with something real, a sense of value, and importance."

–Jason Bing, American Cancer Society Relay for Life / Superintendent of Schools for the Great Meadows Regional School District


"The material was strong and excellent, the program was interesting and kept my attention, and the speaker had the testimonials to back it up!"

–Chris Engarte, Philadelphia Flyers


"Thank you for providing such a motivating seminar to our agencies. You really have a knack for getting people to think about themselves as well as their businesses.  Your seminar was a great success.  Looking forward to another opportunity to work with you. Thank you."

–Krista J. Briglia, Director, Community Initiatives, United Way of Camden County


"I thought Gail was great! She is enthusiastic with a wonderful presence.  The program was very insightful and make you think and reach inside of yourself.  I was challenged!"

–Linda Mantai, Comcast-Spectacor


"Gail puts things into perspective and is very insightful.  She opened my mind to think broader and take action."

–R. Raga, Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation


"Gail did a great job.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program.  Gail was engaging with the audience and made it easy as a listener to stay attentive.  The program was "useful" and "easy to apply" in life."

–Dustin Leatherman, Philadelphia Phantoms


"The program was extremely motivating!  Gail is a great communicator.  I felt as though she was talking right to me."

–Larry Meli, Philadelphia 76er's