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NUTRITION: Go-To Foods, Superfood, And One Of The Biggest Dieting Myths To Avoid
Join Gretchen Scalpi - Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator, Author, Entrepreneur, Certified Wellcoach(R), consultant, speaker, and author of "The Everything Diabetes Cookbook, "The Everything Guide to Managing and Reversing Prediabetes", and her most recent ebook, "Pre-Diabetes: Your Second Chance at Health" - as she shares powerful nutritional tools to help you get and stay healthy, and manage your weight more effectively. Gretchen talks about her own weight issues and, how she overcame them and found that eating healthier not only gave her more energy, but more confidence. Learn the "go to" foods, the powerful superfoods, tips to get on the right track to eat right, and one of the biggest diet myths to avoid.