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Can I Really Earn Money From Home - By Steven Ciantro?

Steven Ciantro is a certified credit counselor, a management representative of American Debt Enders, and a former finalist in Inc. magazine and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year contest. He is also a Talk-Show Radio Host and successful published songwriter and musician (his album January Tyme can be heard on YouTube), the inventor of a patented medical device, a public speaker on debt issues, and the official debt expert for motivational speaker Gail Kasper’s Top 1% Club.


The answer is a resounding yes! And why not? Those of you who follow my writings know that I always espouse the value of remaining debt-free as a way to live your life. After all, you only need so much money to live a comfortable lifestyle, and living debt-free will help you get there that much faster. 


What about the ability to control your lifestyle—where you work, when you work, and whether you truly enjoy what you do? Yes, you definitely can have control over your lifestyle. Many of the successful people I know say they never believed it was possible to have the lifestyle they enjoy today, but then they learned that like anything else in life, if you envision it, nurture it, and have faith, you can achieve it. You might have to endure some hard times along the way; this is called paying dues. OK, so how do you really begin? You begin by doing. To that end, I am presenting to you something I found in the last edition of The Penny Hoarder.       


The making money offer actually comes from I calculated that by working about one hour per day surfing websites and providing feedback, you could realistically earn $7,500 per year. Why would anyone pay you for this? Because web designers need to know how consumers are navigating their sites so they can fix the flaws and optimize them for a maximum return.


If you think you have no talent or can’t come up with an idea to make money, I suggest starting with a home income-producing opportunity like this. Remember, if you ever hope to get past this point, you have to actually begin. This might just be that beginning. Once you have success, you will gain confidence and begin thinking of other things you can do to go further. Whenever debt occurs because of a drop in earnings, the solution should include finding a way to increase income. In closing, if you have any type of debt problem, feel free to give me a call for a free counseling session and let’s talk about it. I’m sure we can find a solution.



ABOUT STEVEN CIANTRO: Steven is well suited to advising on debt issues. Growing up from humble beginnings, he personally made a fortune from nothing in his earlier years and lost it. The experience completely altered his value system. It seemed every professional debt expert Steven and his wife spoke to wanted to put them into even more debt to help them. It took years for them to untangle the financial mess, which they ultimately did on their own, gaining a tremendous education in the process. However, the experience left Steven with chronic kidney disease, which he still battles today. In 2004, Steven found work at a national nonprofit credit counseling company. After six months, he became regional manager; Steven had found a new calling. He is in the unique position of not only being a true expert on debt relief issues, but also understanding firsthand how oppressive debt can be. In 2006, American Debt Enders was started as a company that would offer free credit counseling; it was among the first companies in the nation to use the business model of offering multiple debt relief programs and solutions under the same roof.


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