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Have You Become Addicted To Debt? There Is Treatment Available - By Steven Ciantro

Steven Ciantro is a certified credit counselor, a management representative of American Debt Enders, and a former finalist in Inc. magazine and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year contest. He is also a Talk-Show Radio Host and successful published songwriter and musician (his album January Tyme can be heard on YouTube), the inventor of a patented medical device, a public speaker on debt issues, and the official debt expert for Motivational Speaker Gail Kasper’s Top 1% Club.



The more counseling I do for people who are debt laden and at least claim to be seeking a solution to their debt problems, the more convinced I become that the words Debt and Addiction go together. Consider my reasoning, once a person becomes addicted to anything (drugs,alcohol, sex, and money).  Yes, we can become addicted to almost anything.  No action to alleviate the pain of the addiction will truly occur until the pain of the addiction becomes overwhelming and the individual hits bottom.


Like all addictions,  the debt addiction starts innocently enough. Perhaps to simply cover a monthly shortfall in revenue. Not unlike the taking of pain medication until the body heals or we can get to the doctor. The short term fix does its job but without an awareness of the potential negative effects on how easily it can turn into an addiction and we use it over and over. It is so easy to take out a credit card and sign ones name. Couple this with the fact that the banks and credit card companies unlike the helpful physician who monitors our pain relief use, these overseers are their encouraging our continued use. Give us a ready supply and even providing gifts in the form of flight rewards and points for using more.


Without an essential grounding or financial education we fall into the trap and find ourselves paying more and more for the desired drug, until we are almost in ruins. Once we are hooked the banks just increase the cost of the drug with higher and higher interest rates.


Once our credit and good name are damaged we start feeling the pain and start the process of exploring ways of getting relief. The commercials tell us we should go to the dealers (the card companies that hep us get into this situation) for help.  Let's see someone wants you to believe that your drug dealer is ready and able to help you break your addiction. The worse thing is people have allowed themselves to become totally brainwashed by the marketing genius of the pushers into believing they want to let you out of debt slavery.


The pushers tell you to stay away from anyone who really understands how all this works because they really want to hurt you. Only the non-profit credit counselors can really help. The tell you this because they, the pushers, have created the non profit industry and in fact control it!Granted there are bad players in every area of life, debt settlement companies being amongst them but there are also awesome debt settlement companies and debt relief programs available that the banks do not want you to be aware of and they go to great lengths to try to discredit them.


If you are debt addicted and ready to stop the pain do not let the pushers stop you. Take control of your own life. 


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ABOUT STEVEN CIANTRO: Steven is well suited to advising on debt issues. Growing up from humble beginnings, he personally made a fortune from nothing in his earlier years and lost it. The experience completely altered his value system. It seemed every professional debt expert Steven and his wife spoke to wanted to put them into even more debt to help them. It took years for them to untangle the financial mess, which they ultimately did on their own, gaining a tremendous education in the process. However, the experience left Steven with chronic kidney disease, which he still battles today. In 2004, Steven found work at a national nonprofit credit counseling company. After six months, he became regional manager; Steven had found a new calling. He is in the unique position of not only being a true expert on debt relief issues, but also understanding firsthand how oppressive debt can be. In 2006, American Debt Enders was started as a company that would offer free credit counseling; it was among the first companies in the nation to use the business model of offering multiple debt relief programs and solutions under the same roof.


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