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Make Time When You Have No Time: How To Crunch In A 10-Minute Workout - By Gail Kasper

Gail Kasper, Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker


Not everyone can find time to hit the gym for extended workouts five days a week. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep up with your busy schedule and still fit in a quick workout? How about in the comfort of your own home?



The busyness of life doesn’t have to get in the way of keeping fit. By following these simple steps, you can work in a short but effective workout no matter how busy you are:



1. Bring back the classics. Pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks – you’ve done these exercises at some point in your life. They’re oldies but goodies, true classics that have stood the test of time. According to, the benefits of pushups include upper body conditioning, improved bone mass, and increased metabolic rate. Try this: Warm up with a couple sets of jumping jacks with light rest in between, then do as many pushups as you can. Rest again, then do two more sets. Finish with sit-ups or crunches, whichever you prefer.



2. Find your intensity comfort zone. Workout intensity is an important aspect of any fitness routine. How hard are you working? It differs for everyone, but keep in mind that the intensity of your workout correlates directly to your heart rate. Get your heart pumping and you’ll notice sweat on your forehead and faster breathing. If it gets to be too much, slow down a bit. Adjust your intensity level to within your comfort zone. Finding just the right level can help you get the most out of your mini workout.



3. Relax and have fun. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t exercise every day. Try every other day or three to five days a week. Rest is as crucial to the workout as the workout itself. Overexerting yourself can lead to negative results. So take it easy, and enjoy the workout. Reward yourself with a 10-minute exercise break. A positive attitude toward your mini workouts will help you fit them in and see them as playtime – a must-have in your busy day.



Stick to time-tested exercises, work hard (but not too hard), and remember to have fun with your routine. I’m certain that even with just 10-minute mini workouts, you’ll notice results.



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