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The Progressive And Proactive Way To Get A Job - By Gail Kasper

Gail Kasper, Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker


In these tough economic times with the employment rate at its highest, job seekers need to be creative, cutting edge, and resilient. Getting a job takes more than “applying on line” or sending a resume.


Performance Expert and Life Strategy Expert Gail Kasper has helped thousands of people take charge of their lives. She is an author, Top 1% Club Mentor, and a former Contributing Editor to Success Magazine. Her Make a Decision to Win audio program has received rave reviews and her book Mission Possible, which she co-authored, along with Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy, is impacting people across the country.


Gail Kasper started her business in 1998 with a $450 contract to coach one telemarketer. One telemarketer lead to training two sales representatives, which lead to training four sales representatives, which then lead to a group of eight sales representatives, followed by a team of 15, to a point where she provided training for an entire sales office.  This, then led to sales training throughout the State of New Jersey…and a contract job that took her up and down the East Coast and Canada. 

If you asked Gail what has made the difference in getting her foot in the door with Fortune 500 Companies, Ivy League Universities, and Professional Sports Teams, she shares 7 secrets that will also help job seekers demonstrate value to would-be employers.


Be bold and pick the companies for which you would like to work. In this job market, there is no time to wait for the right job to present itself, you must seek out companies for which you would like to work, whether they have posted employment or not. Do an online search and selectively choose 10 companies per week to pursue. This means that you must be prepared to take risks. 

Although my resume includes “jumping out of an airplane,” risk-taking extends to every area of my life. 


When I was trying to secure a proposal, I called the manager to follow up on the company’s decision. He said, “I don’t have an answer yet.” I replied, “Okay, when is a good time I can get back to you?” He said, “Call me on Friday.” I said, “What’s a good time?” He said, “About 10:00 am.” I said, “okay.” So I did call him on Friday at 10:00 am – but “in person.” That’s right, I showed up. I could have looked at that effort as a potential waste of time and said, “It’s not worth the risk.” But it was worth it to me. After all, he did identify a specific day and time to contact him. As a matter of fact, he picked the day and he picked the time. My job at that point was to be consistent and follow up. I got the contract.


Be creative when pursing a company. The real question here is “What can you do to get noticed?” When pursuing Kevin Constantine, who was then the coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins, I was able to connect with him when his team had come to Philadelphia to battle the Philadelphia Flyers. I had recently appeared as a guest on a radio show which had expressed my thoughts and ideas on many players in the NHL and had decided to send him the tape for his review. After identifying the hotel in which the team had set-up camp, I had the tape, inside a tape player, sent to his hotel room. The only thing that Mr. Constantine had to do was hit the “play” button – which he did. By 4:00 pm that day, I was meeting with the coaching staff. 

My creative efforts with Coach Constantine continued as my next step included a drive from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh to attend one of their practices. I was bold, creative, and, at the same time, demonstrated my confidence in my work. We started negotiating my involvement with the team for next season.


What will make a company “notice” you? What makes you different, innovative, enthusiastic?


Have a professional presentation. This means, “have a strategy” when reaching out to a company. Know who you are going to call and what you will say. ‘Winging it’ is not an option. “No strategy” is the main reason for which I have created my training programs. Strategy says that you are sophisticated and worth more money. In sales, there can be a lack of professionalism in our words and in our process.  To quote one of the most brilliant sales gurus, Brian Tracy, “The first 10-15 words of a sales presentation can set the tone for the entire meeting.” We must have a strategy. Whenever you are on the telephone attempting to secure an appointment with an executive, script “what” you plan to say. It will be perceived as “value” to the executive and get you one step closer to a meeting. 


Give them a taste….and then deliver results! In my first meeting with the Pittsburgh Penguins coaching staff, I freely shared my thoughts on the team and the players. I gave them a taste of what I had to offer. As a matter of fact, the coaches put my information to use and got results. After a losing streak, the team won!

For a potential employer, this might be as simple as finding a news articles or e-mailing industry-related information that would be of benefit to the potential employer. 


Don’t be a “yes” man (or woman). Care. Your high profile decision makers typically have enough yes-people. Your job is to say it like it is, present your industry and job knowledge that will meet their needs, and then be available for their questions. 


Be excellent at follow-up. Securing a new job takes time. Results require time, talent, and patience. Talent is a key word here. No response from a company must be interpreted as a “maybe.” It doesn’t mean “no.” It’s your job to follow up until you get a “no.” Don’t take it personally, don’t read into it, and don’t get frustrated. If you’re frustrated, it means you need to be more proactive and continue to fill your funnel with calls to other companies because you have clearly placed all of your eggs in one basket. You need more activity.


Keep your attitude in check.  Dealing with rejection in a positive way has to become your life. You must believe whole-heartedly in what you can do and refuse to view a setback as failure. Instead, use this as an opportunity for which to gain momentum, reorganize, and uncover a new direction. You are one step closer to a “yes.” Just like sales, action brings results and action will keep your attitude on track. 


About Gail Kasper: Mid-1998, Gail Kasper started her business from a small one-bedroom apartment, in the middle of bankruptcy, with no money in the bank. Today, Gail is one of the nation's leading speakers, author, Top 1% Club Mentor, a television host, advice columnist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Ms. Continental America 2008, and the creator of SAD-T™ (Systematic Attitude Development-Technique™). A former Contributing Editor to Success Magazine with the "Ask Gail" column and host of the "Ask Gail" segment on the Comcast morning show, Gail is the author of her self-help autobiography Another Day Without A Cage: My Breakthrough From Self-Imprisonment To Total Empowerment and the self-help parable Unstoppable: 6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals. With national media appearances that include Inside Edition, The Today Show, FOX Business News, and Oprah and Friends, Gail has earned the ranking of an in-demand national media personality who has been the topic of discussion on Regis and Kelly. The current host of the Philadelphia Visitors Channel, she has also made numerous appearances on network affiliates that include ABC, FOX, CW11, Comcast, and CBS, where she co-hosted the Emmy award-winning America's TVJobNetwork.


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