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Life/Career/Fitness: 5-Step Achievement Plan

Welcome! You have taken the first step to a more productive and empowered life, and will officially be receiving your monthly life-career-fitness continuous improvement updates. As promised, here is your free mini-report, Life/Career/Fitness 5-Step Achievement Plan. Start this process today to maximize your benefits!


When you design a plan for your life and your career, you create a roadmap for success in every major area of your life. Remember, this is the beginning. To continue on this life-changing plan, utilize all tools of this program.


Designing a plan is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps you determine exactly what it is that you want from life. Too many people live from one day to the next, and from paycheck to paycheck, without stopping to think about what they really want to accomplish. A plan will force you to answer important questions such as, "How do I want to apply my skills and talents? How do I want to spend my days? What skills do I have that I'm not currently using? What do I feel passionate about? What brings me a sense of purpose, joy and satisfaction?"


Second, creating a plan makes you evaluate your current life and pinpoint the steps required to take you to a better life. Third, a plan gives you a strategy to follow. When you find yourself distracted, uncertain, or confused, reviewing your plan will bring you back on track. And finally, a life and career plan empowers you to take action. You can spend your days wishing for a better life, but nothing will change until you actually do something to bring about the transformation you desire. My life has been filled with ups and downs; every day is a new adventure. Though not always easy, it is fulfilling. When you become a part of my mentorship program, I will keep you posted on the latest successes and upheavals in my life. I want you know that I understand how difficult it can be… and we are in this together.


Here then is the start of my 5-Step Achievement Plan to help you create and follow the life you want in both the personal and professional arenas:


Identify 2 Life Areas And 2 Career Areas That Need Refinement
From the following Life Skills list, select two (2) areas that need refinement. You may want to make improvements in most or all of these areas, but start with only two for now. Rest assured that you will have the opportunity later on to make improvements in other areas by applying my process as often as needed. For now, however, pinpoint two and see the process through to completion. In addition, select two (2) areas that need refinement from the Career Skills list and one (1) each from Health and one (1) from Fitness. Complete the entire 5-Step Achievement Plan for the areas you have chosen. Here are the lists:

Life Skills (choose 2)

  • Image
  • Presence
  • Concise Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Fitness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Finances
  • Hobby Development
  • Relationships
  • Career Skills (choose 2)
  • Advancement
  • Strengths Development
  • Interviewing
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Development
  • Associate Empathy
  • Associate Relationships
  • Boss Relationships
  • Health/Fitness (choose 1 nutrition and 1 exercise)
  • Eating more balanced meals
  • Eliminating high fat desserts
  • Replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks
  • Exercising 3x's/week for 45-minutes per day
  • Increasing cardio into your workout
  • Increasing core/ab workouts
  • Increasing strength training


Identify A Mentor For Your Life Plan And Career Plan
A good choice for a mentor is somebody who already is living the life or the career you're planning for yourself. There is no need to search for "perfection." Mainly what you're looking for is a competent individual who's been there, done that, someone with the right life and career experience who can help you follow your process, stick to the plan, and achieve your goals. A good mentor will be able to see where you are, understand where you want to be, and guide you to your desired destination. Consider someone who is living the life you want to live, keeping in mind that it may not be the same person for your life goals, as it would be for your career goals or your fitness goals. In fact, you may have three individual mentors. This is a primary reason, as the Top 1% Club Mentor, I am supported by my Experts – nutritional support, financial guidance, and for those entrepreneurs, a business and securities specialist. Our expert base continues to expand and we only partner with the best.


Please utilize my experience as a mentor to help guide and support your efforts. Multiple audio, video, and article opportunities are available within the site to support you. I'm here to help you change your life and achieve your career goals. As you know, I serve as a motivational speaker and corporate trainer who teaches success strategies to Fortune 500 companies, pro sports teams, and Ivy League universities – whether it's goal and life development, sales, leadership, team effectiveness, assertiveness skills and communications skills, or customer service skills development, my programs have increased performance and results. My media roles include television host and guest commentator on several networks. In addition, my experience as a business entrepreneur, nutritional counselor, fitness specialist, author and animal welfare activist, among other roles, equips me to mentor you toward your success, whether I have the answer or I refer you to one of my Experts.


Set Aside Time For Each Area Of Development
It's important that you give each area of development high priority. You must schedule time to work on developing your two Life Skills, your two Career Skills and your Health/Fitness Skills. Just as important, you must stick to that schedule. As I said before, you have to take action if you want to make changes. Do nothing, and nothing happens. Take action, and you start to take control of your life. By setting aside time when you'll actively work on making improvements in your chosen development areas, you empower yourself to transform your life, your health, and boost your career.


Other than articles, audios, and videos to help support your Life-Career-Fitness goals, you will be privy to monthly teleconference calls with me. You may even be selected for a quarterly personal coaching session or listen in as I coach someone just like you.


Track Your Obstacles And Progress
Through every process, you will experience ups and downs, and my 5-Step Achievement Process is no exception. By identifying, logging, reviewing, and studying what works for you and what doesn't work, you will learn valuable lessons that will help you along the rest of your journey. Weekly at a minimum, but preferably daily, log obstacles and progress in a journal (or notebook).


For example, let's say you're working on a fitness goal. You're following a program that involves healthy eating and regular exercise. You're doing great until one week, you fall off course; you hardly exercise, and you eat high-calorie, low-nutrition food that makes you feel worse than ever. Such challenges and setbacks are not uncommon, but it's imperative that you get back to your goals, the sooner the better. Keeping a log will help you determine what threw you off track so that you can avoid such setbacks in the future. Your log will also offer clues as to what helps keep you committed to your success.


Celebrate Your Successes And Set New Goals
After you successfully complete the 5-Step Achievement Process for your chosen life and career goals, celebrate! You deserve recognition for what you've accomplished. No need to wait for others to recognize your achievements, though. Instead, validate yourself. Treat yourself to something special, perhaps a day at a spa or an afternoon at the movies, or whatever you enjoy doing. (On a side note, if you achieved a health success, this is not the time to celebrate with a piece of chocolate cake:)


And while you're feeling that natural high that comes from achieving success, take the opportunity to set new goals. Go to Step 1 and select additional Life Skills, Career Skills, and Health/Fitness areas that need improvement. Work the process until you achieve these new goals. That's the beauty of my process – it will work for you again and again, guiding you through any and every goal you develop. Live in the Top 1% today! To your success!