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3 Steps to a Stress-Free School Year - By Gail Kasper

Gail Kasper is an Author, Television Host, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Motivational Speaker


Stress-Free Fall: Don't Forget the Exercise!

Listed below are 3 things you can do to promote a stress-free school year.


1.     Get organized. This might mean getting up earlier than usual. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Getting a headstart on your day will help you build incredible momentum. This is your time! Make the most of it!


2.     Prepare for the unexpected. Trying to squeeze too much into your day will result in increased stress levels, particularly if the unexpected occurs, a sick child, a car issue, or even a computer set back. Do your best to keep 30-40% of your schedule unplanned to account for these events.


3.     Workout and get enough rest. Healthy living will best enable you to manage the stresses of life. Working out is a great release and getting enough sleep helps your body regroup for any challenges of the new day.


About Gail Kasper: 

Mid-1998, Gail Kasper started her business from a  small one-bedroom apartment, with no money and no clients. Today, Gail  is the host of the late-night television show Raw Reality, one of the  nation's leading speakers, author, Top 1% Club Mentor, advice  columnist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Ms. Continental America 2008,  and the creator of SAD-T™ (Systematic Attitude Development- Technique™). A former Contributing Editor to Success Magazine with the  "Ask Gail" column and host of the "Ask Gail" segment on the Comcast  morning show, Gail is the author of her self-help autobiography  Another Day Without A Cage: My Breakthrough From Self-Imprisonment To Total Empowerment and the self-help parable Unstoppable: 6 Easy Steps  To Achieve Your Goals. With national media appearances that include  Inside Edition, The Today Show, FOX Business News, and Oprah and  Friends, Gail has earned the ranking of an in-demand national media  personality who has been the topic of discussion on Regis and Kelly.  Also, the current host of the Philadelphia Visitors Channel, she has  also made numerous appearances on network affiliates that include ABC,  FOX, CW11, Comcast, and CBS, where she co-hosted the Emmy award- winning America's TVJobNetwork.


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