Our Life Video selection will help you better manage your time, create a solid value system, and improve your framework for success. Gail changed her life when she stopped living in helplessness and started to take control of her future. Watch, listen carefully, and take notes to live your own totally empowered lifestyle! Please let us know how these tools impact your life.

How To Get A Job And Interview

Gail gives some helpful tips on how to stand out among the pool of prospects when interviewing for a new job.

Find a Job with
Gail Kasper and Larry Kane‬

Survive this job crisis!

Networking Do's And Don'ts

Gail Kasper teaches on her Comcast "Ask Gail" segment how to network effectively. She is joined by Franklin Smith from Cherry Hill Nissan.

‪Achieve Your Goals - Gail Kasper in Washington DC ‬

Gail Kasper appears on Washington DC television, promoting goal achievement and her Unstoppable book.

‪How to Take Risks‬

Gail Kasper stopped by the television set in New Orleans to help viewers take control of their lives and meet local residents.

Reinvent Yourself
and Get A Job

Re-discover yourself and take action towards getting the job you want.

Delivering High-Level
Customer Service

Bring your customer service skills to the next level with a few of Gail's helpful tips.

Manage Time Effectively

Gail Kasper gives Ask Gail tips on CW11

Relationship Advice:
The Best Advice

Get a leg up in the competitive world of dating and create a long lasting relationship by utilizing some of Gail's tips.