Our Life Video selection will help you better manage your time, create a solid value system, and improve your framework for success. Gail changed her life when she stopped living in helplessness and started to take control of her future. Watch, listen carefully, and take notes to live your own totally empowered lifestyle! Please let us know how these tools impact your life.

Manage Time Effectively

Gail Kasper gives Ask Gail tips on CW11

Change The World
Make A Difference Monday

Gail offers tips for LITTLE things to do everyday to make a BIG difference with people and the economy.


‪Family Fun And Fitness In The Summer‬ ‪‪

Take a look as Philly Girl Gail Kasper appears on KCal Los Angeles helping the West Coast get fit, stay healthy, and make the most of their summer months.

‪How to Take Risks‬

Gail Kasper stopped by the television set in New Orleans to help viewers take control of their lives and meet local residents.

Relationship Advice:
The Best Advice

Get a leg up in the competitive world of dating and create long-lasting relationships with Gail's proven systems.

‪‪Stay on Track
With Your Goals

Gail Kasper appears on Washington DC television, promoting goal achievement and her Unstoppable book.

Playboy Playmate
Vs. Beauty Queen

A Playboy Playmate VS a Beauty Queen... How do you successfully pick up a woman. Find out!

Divorce And How
To Manage It!

Gail provides a few great tools to keep you moving up when you feel like everything is going downhill.

How To Achieve Your Goals

Gail Kasper visits New Orleans to help residents become unstoppable and achieve their goals. Tune in and create your own unstoppable life!

Overcome Your Fears And Live Your Dreams

When trying to navigate the way to success, follow these tips to reduce resistance.

‪School Year Success
FOX Philly‬

Gail Kasper, Top 1% Club Mentor, Professional Speaker, and Television Host, shares tips with parents and kids to make the school year successful!

3 Important Steps To Success

Check out Gail Kasper on Larry Kane's Voice of Reason, discussing her new book, Another Day Wtihout A Cage: My Breakthrough From Self-Imprisonment To Total Empowerment.

Etiquette - Awkward Situations - Passing Gas, Email Etiquette

Gail appears on CW11 New York and teaches us how to handle those difficult situations.

How To Handle Gossip

Follow these tips and rise above the gossip.

‪Professional Speaker Highlights‬

Gail Kasper helps organizations be better leaders, increase sales, increase customer service performance, and increase productivity. Watch this video to see both her corporate work as well as community efforts with students and animals.

‪Secrets to Goal Achievement‬ ‪‪

Listen in as Gail kicks off her television pilot, "Who's Got More Stones?" - and gives you the inside secrets to help you achieve all you have ever wanted in life!